Senin, 22 September 2008


Again again the problem of the rice in fact the rice in Indonesia really overflowed why in make an issue of
Jakarta: After could have risen since the beginning Ramadhan, the price of the requirement for the subject in the traditional markets in Jakarta and Bekasi, West Java, relatively stable in fact descended.
Even so with the price of vegetables, did not rise. This condition was different from the year beforehand. Usually, two days before Lebaran, the price of the requirement for the subject began to jump. In the Palmerah Market, Jakarta Barat, several requirements for the subject were still stable. Telus, for example to be sold by Rp 15.500 per kilogram and the good quality rice was sold costing Rp 6.000 per kilogram. The price increase only happened to beef. But kenaikkan him not many. Beef that beforehand was sold by Rp 58 thousand per kilogram, rose to Rp 60 thousand. The price of beef it was estimated continued to increase till several days before Lebaran. In the meantime, in the Baru Market and Kranji, Kota Bekasi, the price of cooking oil, the egg, wheat flour, the rice and meat was sold normal like before the fast. The kind rice rojolele was sold by Rp 5.500 per kilogram, the Rp egg 6.000 per kg


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