Jumat, 23 Januari 2009

Russian President: No Resolution Yet on Energy Crisis

Russia's President Dmitri Medvedev has signaled that Ukraine and Russia have failed to reach a deal on restoring natural gas supplies to Europe.

Russia's Mr. Medvedev spoke to reporters in Moscow Saturday after a meeting with the Ukrainian prime minister, representatives of the European Union and some eastern European countries. He said the meeting was a useful exchange of views but had not led to a final agreement on gas pricing.

Ukraine's prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, is to hold separate talks with her Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, later in the day.

Russia cut all gas supplies to the West last week in a pricing dispute with Ukraine. A bilateral deal was signed Monday on restarting the supplies, but no shipments have been received in the West.

The European Commission threatened Friday to take sanctions against Russia and Ukraine unless gas supplies to the EU resume early next week.

Europe receives about a quarter of its natural gas from Russia. Most Russian gas is shipped through pipelines crossing Ukraine.

Besides Ms. Tymoshenko, the prime ministers of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Serbia also attended the meeting in Moscow, along with officials from Slovakia and Turkey and representatives from the European Union.


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Global crisis as Russians see it

The corridors in office buildings have either pluses or minuses. Let’s not speak about minuses but about pluses. Everybody knows each other; you can hear helloes, greetings, goodmornings.

But the last few months silence dominates here.

Crowds of clients just disappeared, nobody enters and asks:”Sorry, where can I find?..” , there are no more strangers smoking in common rest rooms, girls from nearby offices don’t rush in asking to change money for a change. The director of real estate office drooped off, you can’t hear scissors and hairdryers from a hairdressing salon, and women from the office you never could spell its name frequently hang “Closed for today” card. People drink a lot in the offices and it’s impossible to breathe in smoking areas. Visits of Santa and parties had been cancelled this year.

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