Kamis, 19 Maret 2009

lets laugh....with short jokes....

if you feel bored with your job ...? or you also want to see some humor that is funny? or also if you are a humorous you want to find the humor funny and more enthusiastic?
do not feel dizzy or feel confused because now there is a site that provides some short jokes means you will get some of the humor is very funny but short of not only the funny pictures here means you will also get a picture image that is killing and not only that here also you will get some

sex jokes mean when you are an adult and you want to see some humor about sex, you can see it here ..... and not only that here you will feel comfortable because we'll give a very complete facilities ..
while the site itself is a site that was founded on the services that make people laugh an online world ....!!!!
therefore do not feel dizzy or confused quickly came here then you will feel a laugh ....!!!


2 Komentar:

Blogger my rebel mengatakan...

o'alah coool

21 Maret 2009 20.45

Anonymous yudhyth mengatakan...

mmhh...,, nice article,, it's so interest and bla...bla...bla...

omong kosong,,


23 Maret 2009 10.20


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