Jumat, 27 Agustus 2010

When The Thrill Is Gone - How Do You Know When to End a Mentoring-Coaching Relationship?

I over the last several weeks I have spent a lot of time teaching women to be diligent about developing their circle of influence. That they must create a wise counsel that will enhance their personal development. This circle will serve as both a support system and as a development mechanism for both their personal and professional lives.

But today I encountered a life changing circumstance. It's life changing because in my mind I had to shift my thinking as it relates to coaching and mentoring relationships. That there is a possibility that these relationships can end, they go wrong and for some can be a simple waste of time.

So how do you know when its time to move on from the relationship? Try this litmus test.

* When the person you are mentoring does not value your knowledge and expertise

When the person values scholastic knowledge over real world experience

When the person you are coaching is not forthcoming about areas they need to be developed and worked on

When the person decides what's true for the other person without any real factual knowledge

When they do not receive constructive criticism well

When they become offended by your response to behaviors that you see in them

When there is confusion about the expectations of the relationship

When they make assumptions about the relationship as opposed to communicating for clarity

When the assignment for the area of development has been dealt with and completed

When there is negative non verbal communication, example of this would not returning calls, not participating in the coaching sessions and or teaching opportunities etc.

When they do not act on your recommendations

When excuses take over the coaching session

This list is not all inclusive but it is a good place to start!


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