Senin, 27 September 2010

portage wisconsin

Yesterday we brought you news of homes around Blackhawk Park, in Portage Wisconsin being evacuated as there were real fears of the levee failing due to excessive rain over the last week. The access road to the area was closed off to . Alingod Chris - AFP News Contributor Portage, Wisconsin, United States (AFP) - Residents in low-lying areas near the Wisconsin River and were forced to.. Author: Mayo Brothers | Posted at: 8:19 PM | Filed Under: heavy Flood, portage, Wisconsin River. Residents in low lying areas near the Wisconsin River, were forced to evacuate over the weekend after a levee than a century old in the .

City, Portage, Wisconsin We have updated information and some neat pictures of old Portage on there. You will need a Facebook account to be able to use this site. . Portage was named for the Fox-Wisconsin Waterway, a portage between Portage emerged at this place because of its unique position along the one and a . The Portage Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to Historic Portage, located next to the beautiful Wisconsin and Fox Rivers. .

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