Kamis, 16 September 2010

who won big brother

Who won Big Brother 12 ended a battle between three male roommates, Lane, Enzo and Hayden. During the last challenge to find the head of the house, Hayden took over, enabling him to decide who has been expelled. . The longest wait for Big Brother 12 result is finished because last night September 15, Big Brother 12 has revealed the final winner as Hayden Moss. American.. Who won Big Brother 12? This is what people have been asking to each other since the finale has taken place, Hayden Moss, 24, bagged the title of the winner of Big Brother 12.. Who Won Big Brother 12? - Big Brother Winner 2010-Another series is over for Big Brother and its remaining fans, as the latest winner was announced.It ended up..

Watch video, browse photos and join the ultimate fan community for Big Brother. Dowling, who was dressed in a suit and tie, burst into tears and shouted "Thank you so much" as he was officially declared the Ultimate Big Brother housemate. . From trolley dolly to reality television king - Brian Dowling has been crowned the winner of Ultimate Big Brother..

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