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A new study women's weight

In general, women feel more disturbed when he discussed his weight. Although classified as overweight, the weather tends to be close to the eye. Research shows one in four women feel fat, had no problems with his weight. According to a study, a quarter of women with excess fat, think they have no problem with weight. Especially young mothers have higher obesity risk nature, but admits that the remains of fat during pregnancy. Once the researchers said in the United States.

Experts say the United Kingdom, it was inevitable that the more obese people in this country. Great men are considered normal. However, he urges the rejection of ill health caused by obesity, including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. "More than 2,000 women aged 18-25 years were asked to answer questions about their weight and their perception of bodysize .

Half of them are considered overweight or obese based on comparing body mass index, a scoring system, the weight and height. Over 25 per cent of the "errors " of the respondents their obesity, they say a normal weight or thin. Are significantly less than other women are healthier.

University of Texas study published in the Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, was also one of six women from misperceives'met weight "of their normal body shape and think I'm fat. National Audit estimated Office that obesity causes at least 30,000 deaths annually in the United Kingdom.

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