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Internet Marketing

Everything starts with a brand and a marketing strategy. If you already have a brand and strategy, we'll build on them to create a Web site that reflects your vision.

If you are just starting out, Virtual Consulting can help you with branding strategy, finding your target audience on the web and positioning your service or product in the online marketplace.

We will work with you to define the following :

  • Your Objective
    What is the objective of your Web site? Is it strictly sales or are you launching a new image? Are you trying to retain your current customer base or do you see a new market opportunity?
  • Your Target Audience
    Who is your target audience? Attracting your audience through the Internet is substantially different to appealing to the same group offline.
  • Your Online Competition

    Who are your competitors? Will you compete with large, established companies or small niche companies?
  • Your Unique Advantages
    What differentiates you from your business competitors?

Virtual Consulting will also provide suggestions for promoting your site through integration with offline marketing efforts We understand that clients sometimes need assistance in understanding the methods of online advertising and marketing available to them and which routes are likely to best achieve their objectives.

Virtual Consulting provides strategic online marketing advice services; pulling together your goals into a single online strategy. The strategy will encompass requirements, implementation, reporting and success measures.

The strategy will consider all methods of online advertising and marketing, from search engine marketing to email campaigns and affiliate programs.

Once the strategy has been approved, we will assist you in implementing that strategy and measuring its success.


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