Jumat, 10 Oktober 2008

The global economic crisis

I know our country is the United States, who was the same country I know that the most advanced technology in the world, especially countries including the United States and also the largest economy in the world.
But now the United States as critical to the economy that we are very big impact in any sense of economic crisis is not even a statue of an impact from the crisis but all the countries in the world I feel all, we see only stock in the stock market to decline even to to tell in the letter kabar.aku hope everything will be normal as usual only. amin


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Anonymous therunk mengatakan...

bingung saya mau coment.. inggris semua :)
ga mudeng boso londo wkwkwkw... kalo mau tukeran link oke aja.. link sampean dah tak pasang..

11 Oktober 2008 01.18

Blogger musik & kord mengatakan...

fiuh... global economic crisis

15 Oktober 2008 06.28

Anonymous adinata mengatakan...

US have global economic crisis, and we have the impact ...

15 Oktober 2008 06.29


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