Sabtu, 18 September 2010

Mosley vs Mora

The junior middleweight main event bout between former world boxing champions Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora was supposed to define the career of the eventual.. In the highly anticipated fight, the “Sugar” Shane Mosley vs Sergio Mora bout was a complete snooze fest. For most of the fight, Mora was on the defensive and Mosley seemed to control every facet of the bout. However, the final score . Mosley vs Mora: Shane Mosley vs Sergio Mora Boxing Fight Cards Results - The crowd is yelling in Staple Center, as everyone is cheering for their favourite boxing fighter aiming to win the game. And yet Shane Mosley vs Sergio Mora is . Mosley vs. Mora:Shane Mosley Sergio Mora Fight Draw-Boxing fans are in for a great night tonight,as Sergio Mora and Shane Mosley will be going head to head live..

Mosley vs. Mora Results: Live Updates of Undercard and Main Event There is a reason Mora needed to go on the Contender. He is not an elite fighter, his . An exclusive article for the September 18, 2010 Shane Mosley vs Sergio Mora fight on the official website for HBO Boxing featuring videos, images, stats, interviews, . Mosley vs Mora .com is the number one site for news and update. Get tickets for the Mosley vs Mora here..

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