Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Organic Cosmetics

Together with the seizure of cosmetics that offer advanced innovations, the world of beauty called a radical change in the green belt. Global warming is a problem with the birth of the environmental movement to save the beauty of the world. Cosmetic products with high chemical composition of primary producers are not considered environmentally friendly because the production of pollutants in nature.

It was a new version, green cosmetics, body care range of cosmetics and environmentally friendly. Organic cosmetics also said that the most effective natural cosmetics as they contain antioxidants and 40% more.

Furthermore, compared with high chemical cosmetics, green cosmetics are absorbed rapidly due to the nature of the ingredients of course. Another advantage of using cosmetics green, then we can exposure to chemicals on the skin. Because of these facts, it is good when the weather began to turn to cosmetic "green ".

In fact, a review of the company's products grew in the United States and the fans of organic cosmetic products by 37% in women under 35 years. The popularity of organic cosmetics has grown following a series of celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Denise Van Outen switch to organic cosmetics, especially abundant Calmia body care, organic spa in London.

"I have organic cosmetics and bring the body, cosmetics are also environmentally friendly," Keys said in an interview.

"I went through organic care products for health reasons, as well as the environment, " said Joe Davis, Chloe, a blogger who focuses on vegetarian and ecological issues.

"But I've learned that should beauty products not only the most effective, the package should also participate, what is there and then, for organic beauty products, fair if the package products that are environmentally friendly" has been created "said Davis.

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