Sabtu, 18 Oktober 2008

Washington - Only 20 days gazed at the president's United States election (the USA), the measure of opinion was increasingly siding to Barack Obama. Obama currently was being on the wind. The presidential candidate (the presidential candidate) the USA from Democratic Party won unequivocal 51-54 percent in the measure of opinion in four states that became the main battle arena against the presidential candidate from the Party of the Republic of John McCain.Untuk the first time, according to the measure of opinion of Quinnipiac University/Wall Street Journal/washingtonpost.
com, Obama received the absolute support from white people in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.Who did not know with this American presidential candidate he indeed from the beginning has in championed to become the president but we might not also forget the other candidate namely John mcain that also very strong attracted his supporters.. was who yes that will win we just wait his answer 20 days more


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Blogger kal~em mengatakan...

boleh....dah kupasang link balik yah...

18 Oktober 2008 07.18

Anonymous Anonim mengatakan...

Vote Obama!!! hehe

18 Oktober 2008 09.18

Anonymous zy mengatakan...

hha, boleh2 aja..hhe

19 Oktober 2008 01.32

Blogger david mengatakan...

tetap obama

21 Oktober 2008 00.04


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