Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Michelle Mone offers designer underwear Kate Middleton

Planning a wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton in the next year, the attention of Michelle Mone. Below is the modified design company offers an intimate wedding. Michelle Mone, the Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace 25th OBE November 2010, he designed the wedding dress for Kate as the wife of Prince William brought in April 2011. Last leaders intimate hope they got the offer.

Michelle said: "I designed the wedding dress by Kate and send the drawing to its last game to me .." Legal Notice, the first woman Monday (11/29/2010). Dress like Kate White, take over the designer's name makes the choice of a wedding dress friend Prince William begins to flow. But Harold Tillman as Chairman of the British Fashion Council (BFC) hope you choose a British designer.

"She is so beautiful, and everything he wore Zou looks good. We want an English designer, who was elected. I understand that the selected candidate. We have some great designers. I think Kate would be easy and elegant design is selected, "said Harold.

Designer Phillipa Lepley is expected to make to a wedding dress for Kate. It did not accept Phillipa (41) to comment on such speculation. However, the mystery began at the wedding dress designer Kate direct statement, William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams is growing.


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