Sabtu, 22 November 2008


Some soccer-ball of flame that is visible in the sky Germany this week raises issues about the appearance unknown flying objects or UFO. However, scientists believe the "UFO" is actually falling rain is a little strange.

According to the site NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), ball-like ball of fire was also reported seen in several other places in the world, and probably because the Earth is currently passing through the area filled slab-slab of space dust.

Many people in Germany know of the existence of soccer-ball sky, said Werner Walter, astronom amateur in Mannheim, which manages Web sites about the astronomical phenomena, strange phenomena, while the reports contain appearance UFO.

"Appearance latest reported yesterday at 7:30 pm (01.30 WIB) near the border with the Netherlands," he said. "This week we get at least 15 emails and phone calls from people who see them. Some say shaped like something from science fiction horror film."

In addition to the possibility that the fire was shooting the ball, Walter said that several witnesses suspect the phenomenon is caused by the satellite fell to Earth or UFO. "It is their true UFO when no other explanation," he said.

On the other hand, the NASA site ( mentions reports of the appearance-ball fireball similar in the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Japan. There are also some photos that have successfully taken by witnesses.

According to the witnesses, the fire ball that the large size and color. They move quickly, such as a cruise missile in the sky. However, NASA said, what people see that perhaps only the rain falling Taurid.

Taurid meteor is falling stars from the constellation Aries. Peak occurred in late October and early November.


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Blogger sandy mengatakan...

meteor pastinya.

23 November 2008 02.02

Anonymous arema mengatakan...

aq kiranya sih ufo tapi mungkin ufo gak ada yaa..

tapi klo meteor mana tahu...

oh yaa ufo tu ada pa gak yaaa

25 November 2008 20.19


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