Minggu, 02 Januari 2011

On skin allergy

Make sure those who call greedy for a long time. Phones metallic materials containing nickel can cause skin allergies. The symptoms appear, the skin red, itchy and bumpy.

Concern about long-term effects of using a mobile phone (cell phone) should be expanded further in line with the growth of human dependence on these means of communication. The use of mobile phone (cell phone) is very common that could be harmful. One of these skin allergies due to nickel metal is used in a commodity mobile phones.

In recent years, dermatologists have the appearance of cases of skin allergies noted to mobile users. Despite the small numbers, but continue to increase the number of cases each year. Allergic reactions usually occur in the form of redness on the skin of the face, jaw and ears. In general, skin allergies disappeared cellular connection is stopped.

Experts suspect that an allergic reaction caused by the metal content in the phone, especially nickel. In the U.S. alone, the nickel allergy suffered by 3 per cent of men and 20 percent female. This metal allergy is more common in women because their skin is generally more sensitive, especially in metal jewelry. The number of cases of skin allergies caused by the phone is not documented with certainty. The sufferer is usually known, after the test case. In a study in 2008 found that 22 species are found from 10 types of popular mobile phones phones to use the materials of nickel, in particular for the headset and the menu button.


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