Selasa, 04 Januari 2011

If gray hairs concerned

White or gray hair in most people believe that the reduction of the mirror. In addition to the old hair, gray impression often causes itching proposal. No one can predict the occurrence of gray hair, and medical experts. Therefore, the appearance of white hairs on each person is different.

Normally used to white hair for the elderly or those around the age of 40 years to grow, but the reality of many young people who have become gray.

The growth of white hair at a young age does not mean he is not normal. According to some experts, is caused by several factors. In addition to hereditary power also affects the incidence of food was gray. Some of the factors affecting the growth of gray hair, like stress, heredity, spicy foods, shampoos, hair dyes, and smoking.

Solution, you avoid the trigger factors mentioned above. The treatment can also be used, such as cream bath, hair mask, hair or beauty and wellness area with the gray hair. The addition of deprivation, can by serum or certain vitamins that the problem of gray hair can be solved to be made, so you are sure is in the public ....


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