Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Do you have your lovely lashes!

Dinner party invitation comes at a table. You have no sufficient preparation to participate, but want to look special. Glamour show with a simple trick is not difficult, really. This is the time to look for glamorous special moment. You do not have many rules, only eye make-up focus of a dramatic and surprising performance. Here, the eye make-up initiatives, quoted the Times of India.

Concealer for dark circles under the eyes of the law be used to cover. Give three points, each under the eye. Eye on the base color eyelid shadows to take on another. It is recommended to use three shades of eye shadow colors. Start with a lighter color as the color of the eyelid. Sweep shadow on the eyelid, eyebrows. Take the medium color on the eyelid only. Then crease, with a dark surface of the eye. Greed colors are dull.

The best way to apply eyeliner tail outside corner. Follow with eyeliner under the eyes, but make sure only the line between the eyes. Clean with a cotton swab. For smoky eyes with a brush Pat dark shadow on the eyelid eyelid. Take the box and laid it on the eyebrows. Concentrate on the outer half of the eyebrow. Greed finger. Use eyelash curlers look beautiful. For dramatic effect, use an eyelash curler under a hairdryer for a few seconds. Commissioning of mascara on the lashes brush pen skiing, rock from top to bottom, followed by several shots. Apply also for the upper lashes.


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