Kamis, 06 Januari 2011

Eva Mendes eats only fish diet

Eva Mendes has a keen interest in sexual body. Who would have thought that if it was before the famous sexy actress in love with fatty foods. Why is the star of "Ghost Rider" is not enough money to eat well. "I love fast food, because we have no money, and I strive for an actress, " Eva said.

"You know the story if you really need to go more quickly. you can go from one audition to the next meeting, pending changes in the back, and all that fun, wonders in a moment in your life do. It was that 49 percent of fast food, like eating bad things, but really help, "he continued. Although fast food is very well known hard times, but I could not guarantee eat fast food Eve.

Fast Food "There are moments in life helps me really, and my food. That's my diet. But I personally can not eat, he added. To protect the body, the diet of meat and Eve eat only fish.

"Today I ate sushi. Recently, a six to eight months, I do not eat chicken. What I eat is fish and seafood, and I really enjoyed, " he said. Eva recently revealed that he loved the time is one of the world's sexiest women have become.


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