Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

Tom & Becks trick to prevent aging

Who does not know Tom Cruise. The player as a shining star of the game pretty well known face. Blessed with good looks make him an idol of the turntable. But age, as we begin to decorate folds of her husband's face was Katie Holmes. The parent company of this man is a crisis of confidence. Cosmetic is the mystery woman.

"He was afraid of the face, gray hair on the head change to see. He started on cosmetics, creams such as washing and Katie costly results, " said the source, the National Enquirer, Thursday, December 2, 2010. One reason is that the father of Suri Cruise to do nothing. Tom does not look old. She wants her face always looked so young, pretty, will continue to shine on their faces.

In reality, the players are not wearing an exception because of "Top Gun" before appearing in public. He still wants on the side of his wife, who was younger than he be. Tom not only to do the these steps. His friend, David Beckham and he was often used the cream from his wife Victoria Beckham. But long ago that these players have to buy the right to their face cream. Beckham was the price of cream is very expensive.


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