Sabtu, 08 Januari 2011

Victoria Beckham advice to stay slim

To maintain its slim body, sexy model, singer Victoria Beckham, prepared as possible so that the body is thin and take.

Acts as four or five miles a day on a treadmill. I want to go when I want. I am also a trainer in the gym and it was fantastic. Brutal, but it was absolutely fantastic, "said Victoria. Her husband, David Beckham, confirmed his wife often performed. E 'is also often invited his wife to the gym, work out together on holiday, than by cited.

"Victoria is obsessed with sports. She was in the gym every morning. But I hate to run in a closed room. I love it out there. I walk the streets late at night. If the holiday, I was in the gym Victoria am. not do a sport, it is incredibly Santa Monica and we go there, "said Beckham.

Work never outside Victoria, said the condition of her husband may not like the 35 years since leaving the Victoria often sport because of his career.

"I will not compete with him. Are you kidding? Forward has. a fantastic body. He has no fat at all, " he continued


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