Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Have Beautiful Eyes!

The eyes are the windows of the liver. It is clear, however, someone's heart can be seen in eye gaze. Why can we say that women eye make-up, as one of the required elements. Eyeliner is often a tendency to make eyes fall and winter this year. Kohl pencil or liquid liner, the right choice for the beauty of the eyes to Polish. Kohl application at the end of the upper and lower eyelid without interruption to the same intense eyes, which are seen in the power to implement this season Gucci can.

This trend this season is not enough to create the dramatic effect of a smoky eye, but the personal style of the individual. Therefore, in addition to black eyeliner, kohl has a choice of purple or dark blue. These colors can show the character of each individual. Eye Make-up can boom in 1990 was the shadow around the eyes, the trend this year. Difference, the color palette of skin colors went, like coffee, sweets, tea, which is an option. This trend was Alexander Wang fashion shows this season.

Use eye shadow
on eyelids and under the cheekbones, with a different texture, color to match the floor. If more daring, not just eye shadow to the eyelids, but also at the bottom of the eye are.

Although the soil cover of a clear eye make-up on the bags under his eyes, shadows under the eyes, the eyes, the focus of attention as a Christian Dior fashion shows.

Eye Make-up trends this season to the attractions of the eyes, when paired with light skin radiant natural shade of lipstick, peach or maximize naked.


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