Sabtu, 28 Juni 2008

Pope's Permission For The Marriage Of Catholic Priests Has The Time Arrived?

Recently the Worldwide Catholics have been shocked by few informations, which the Pope, leader of Worldwide Catholics have uttered in U.S. At the same time, it has plunged the Catholic Christian religion into immeasurable depth in the world arena.

The 13000 little boys and girls whom were affected by the immoral behaviour of 5000 U.S. Catholic priests have been given a huge amount of $2 billion, in the past 50 years. This is only example and this news has brought agony in the minds of worldwide Catholics and has brought new thoughts.
The immoral activities of 5000 Catholic priests have become dishonour to the Christian religion which follows the footsteps of Jesus Christ. At the same time, the culprit priests have not dismissed from their posts (or) punished and by this, the head of Catholic Christians has failed to enforce the religious justice and discipline. Hence all the Catholics are angry with the head. If the canon law is a check to dismiss the culprits that should be immediately changed and its right and responsibility are in the hands of Pope. All Catholic Christians expect this only.

The huge amount of $2 billion is a part of Catholics’ donation. The thought that the amount which they donate for charitable work has been expended for such immoral activities cannot be tolerated by any Catholic. All the Catholics unanimously think that this black mark on their religion should be wiped off. Based on this, the world Catholics expect that some changes should be made in the Catholic Christian Church.

In the early days, the married people did the Christian mission work (service). Up to 1059 A.D, from the Pope till the priests, everybody was married only.(expect certain monks)

During 1059 Pope Nicholas II, declared an order which prohibited the marriage of Christian priests. He did not know another way to get rid of the corruption which was existing in the Church.

Even though that decision was an apt one according to the situation of those days, it should be reconsidered according to the present situation.

The natural way of life which God has given to man is married life. Few spiritual thinkers who are not interested in the worldly life, get involved in ascetic life and think of God always and it depends completely on their wish and will.

Is it correct in following the violent action of insisting the ascetic life which can be followed by only a few people alone on others?

Now, mostly, those who are under 17 yrs are allowed to join in Catholic mission. Most of those who become priests in the stage, the stage in which the worldly life is not known completely, cannot follow the ascetic life throughout their life. As a result of this, immoral activities are done. Because of their sinful deeds, all Catholics become ashamed of it.

It is the first duty of the Church to dismiss these culprit priests and punish them so that such immoral activities should not be happened any more.

So, all Catholics expect the immediate necessary actions to be carried away by the Catholic Church leaders.

Except those who wish to live as monks, others should be allowed to get married and it is the only thing by which the Catholic Christian religion can be saved from the word of insult.

The Catholic Church, should not waste time in simply talking "Our religious clergy are unmarried" as self praise but instead, should change its activities according to the changing world. Thus let the Catholic Church wipe off the black mark on it and with the good name ‘Respectful and pure religion’, let it follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ.