Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Women's Health fault

Women are known to concerns about the preservation of health. How certain habits sometimes inadvertently do something that is bad for health. There are six common mistakes of women and health, for the:

1. Always salad
We do not need to show that a bowl of salad is a healthy menu that particular part of a hamburger with a salad bowl. Sauces, filled mainly with fat and other unhealthy.

2. Often prevent or weight
Some women are very anti-dandruff or even streets with too much weight. Removing usually varies from day to day and from hour to hour. Those who believe the weight of each month in the morning, without clothes after using the toilet. Under these circumstances, a person's actual weight.

3. As contact lenses all the time
Under certain circumstances, such as drought or flu, it is safer for a man with glasses and contact lenses. The reduced production of tears, contact lens wearers are more likely conjunctivitis is a contagious disease eye. Experts recommend that you switch glasses at all times to prevent infection.

4. Not enough sleep
Most women do not sleep well at night, or less than 7 hours. This is often a long time, it allows the body's ability to burn fat effect, a high price to pay for his health.

5. I have a friend with bad health habits
Women tend to prefer to follow what was done by his friends, feel free to its members reject the proposal.

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