Minggu, 30 November 2008


SBY invited to Jakarta, Obama passionate ball and fried rice conversation between President SBY with Barack Obama through phone and warm with a joke. In fact, SBY had laughed when Barack Obama admitted to long ball, rambutan, and fried rice. In the conversation that took place in 2112 Seattle International Airport on Monday (24/11/2008) 17:00 local time, SBY invited Obama to visit Indonesia. SBY invite Obama to stop in Indonesia arrived in Kuwait City while attending the APEC 2009 in Singapore. "Yes, yes, I'm happy. I want to have long rambutan, meatball, and fried rice," said Obama as be copied by the presidency Spokesperson Andi Mallarangeng. When speaking with Obama, SBY accompanied two Spokesperson presidency, Andi Mallarangeng and Dino Patti Djalal, and ajudan.
According to Andi, Obama spoke in English, but there is some expression that was delivered by the Indonesian language. When the discussion began, for example, Obama asked President SBY news. "Mr. President, how are you?" Obama said as Andi be copied. Meanwhile, according to Dino, in the speech, President SBY offensive that has recently arrived in Kuwait City, attend APEC in Lima, Peru, and arrived in Kuwait City, G20 in Washington DC. SBY said the second international forum that lasted well. "But this is not a relationship phone to discuss the substance of the phone, but this is only an introduction to the phone and the phone to congratulate the President-elect Barack Obama," said Dino. SBY is also ready to work with Obama in addressing international issues, especially on the global crisis. Meanwhile, Obama admitted to rejoice because of cooperation with Indonesia tied with the U.S.

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