Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Rank 1924 Best Cities of Fashion

New Delhi is the 24th Fashion largest international capital markets ranked according to the fashion capital of Asia, including Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong. It is not easy at this level. It requires hard work, hard work and cooperation of various stakeholders, especially the Government and members of the fashion, since the objective of promoting the fashion industry to adapt. These problems are processed in India. New Delhi, the capital of the state is also the capital of fashion forward. Shopping centers continue to grow, offering new areas for international brands and local designers Forum animate the Indian fashion market.

But one thing that the name remains the fashion capital of New Delhi, makes for its aggression, the authors show how the big fashion event as the Delhi Fashion Week, or "Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW).

Both Fashion Week is growing so quickly to success in any season to achieve. Sure, if all the hundreds of designers are ready to move. The introduction of a new collection on the catwalk-show or cancellation of events and an exhibition and sale, often with the operation of the Fashion Week. Designers have also shown that the driving force behind the industrial sector accounts, such as beads rotate, sequins, embroidery and hand. The government also plays an important role. Attention to the development of the textile industry provides more space for local designers to work on. Create a new collection, which strongly with the smell of exotic India.

"I think New Delhi really a fashion center to be called. This city has all that stuff, stuff, the skill needed to produce the Indian fashion," says analyst Peter Punj Indian fashion. In addition, Punj also said that a number of advantages in Western India fashion centers such exotic materials, details of processing and the Eastern culture is so thick.

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