Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Kate Moss is a perfume junkie

Hearing the story she told, it seems really addicted to Kate Moss perfume. Of course she is not drinking the perfume, but at least they claimed he had never before the door of the house without wearing perfume left. Kate Moss does not want to meet people, while the body has no flavor.

"Every day I have perfume from the beginning, he always makes -. I never leave the house, without spraying perfume on my body," the story of Kate Moss, is mentioned as by the creation of music. Kate has a fragrance-related products and has not forgotten that he used perfume to see over time. "Right now I have a quarter of my perfume, wear vintage muse, supermodel allegedly said it superstitious.

It seems Kate Moss is not alone as a perfume worn alone. Was also happy to participate in the process of smell. "I love the fragrance development process, " said Kate Moss involved directly in the process of determining the smell of perfume, which is introduced into the market. "It's so exciting, " he added later. Perfume is not the only interest of Kate Moss. In addition to a variety of cosmetic products, Kate also has clothes and bags.