Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Types of Foundation

Fund or foundation make-up is important. The application of looks better in his horn, soft and smooth skin in no time. Another function of the Fund is to hide the stains on his face, like scars, wrinkles and acne or skin color uniform. For best results, we need a fund to use matches your skin type. To find out what works, you must first find out what types of funds, depending on skin type and texture.

Foundation to properly those who have dry skin applied. Thus a formula, the trembling is completely soluble. E-suited for oily skin because it contains no oil. But remember, too fast dry matte foundation. So you should not have that kind of foundation is too thick. Based on water and oil: Liquid foundation is composed of two types. Water-based foundation for oil sensitive. Although oil-based, suitable for dry skin or dehydrated.

Powder form and can be used on all skin types. When used with a wet sponge, it should look like with a cream or liquid foundation. When used with a dry sponge, the result is like wearing a solid powder. Surprisingly, two-way cake for all skin types. The weakness of this type of fund is to model simple.

Majestic. Basis for regular dry. In addition to sustainability in the face of glue, foundation can also serve as a black mark on his face acne scars are used to cover defects.