Rabu, 29 Juli 2009

The best aero tour ever from Country of Tourism!

If you want to experience the wonder adventure that you definitely will remember for the rest of your life, it is about time for you to click in to the bestrussiantour.com. It is one of a kind site that will bring you lots of enjoyment and playful activity which can push out your adrenaline.

They have this wonderful program in which you can see earth from above through their breathtaking flight at speed faster than the sound-barrier in a Russian MiG-11 Flight. You will see the earth in an amazing and very different way. You definitely can feel the adrenaline in your blood as you reach the Edge of Space at supersonic speeds!

The best part is they also have this Flight Simulator in which you can try your skills in a real cock pit of an Su-27. It is already adapted for simulator purposes and a little more comfortable for pilot. You will definitely enjoy such experience.

The site also offers you an experience of the thrills of flying in a jet fighter, not far from Moscow, where you can enjoy the marvelous landscapes of Russia. These high class pilots will give you a ride in L-39 fighter jet. You will not only go up to the sky, but also experience some advanced aerobatics while watching the world best “Russ” Aerobatics Team perform in the sky! Well, it is truly a tour that you will never forget!