Minggu, 19 Desember 2010

Body Unideal Dressing Tips

Disturbing body Unideal many women, especially when wearing clothes. But it is very common, affecting right to dress as the character of the surrounding community. The answer is simple as what you want is not on the types of activities or events that you talk dress.

Just a few tips for those who will look more security:

1. Choose the style of clothing or even normal, no click, is too strange.

2. Choose clothing that is not "advanced " in the fashion world.

3. Choose colors that are "safe." Assuming that the color of dark gray beard, black, beige dark blue, beige, cokleat, and so on.

4. Collection shirt or blouse, black / white with detail, the "fun" on the chest, neck-shaped varieties, assuming a simple T-shirt or even a person with a form of life.

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