Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Possible future wife of Prince William's Wedding Dress

Candidate - the Crown Royal escort, Kate Middleton, was known for his classic understatement. The fact remains that the marriage be delighted large and majestic.

When Princess Diana Prince Charles 29th July 1981, married a wedding dress with large puff sleeves top wore around his neck. Taffeta silk gown adorned with lace, hand embroidery, beads, pearls 10000th The designs are Elizabeth David Emanuel, dressed in the tail length of 25 meters or 7.62 meters.

The public can ask questions and they will survive with modest bridal gown designs, or choose a traditional dress worn as complicated as Diana? We should consider the opinions of several experts coming British fashion website, what type of wedding dress, the future wife of Prince William will be cited.

Alice Temperley: "If we are lucky to be invited to do an amazing job to make me a real English Rose .. classic, elegant, and Heavenly ever dress the most beautiful dress Oh God, I'll do it. "

Bruce Oldfield. "She looks good in a nice form of dress, and of course, be an honor to be able to this important mandate beautiful fresh modern elegance, and I play points as a simple silhouette, detailed enough detail for a touch of the event, but not so much that they drowned some weight.

Caroline Charles, "very good news for Kate and William -. Kate happiness beautiful dress with a long thin tail and unusual materials, loaded with pearls"

Daniella Issa Helayel: "We Issa glad to hear the news, and expect the best for Kate and William I am so glad he was led to his involvement Issa Issa is a very pretty girl with a beautiful ...

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