Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

Liv Tyler is simply appearance

Liv Tyler, the actress who starred in "The Lord of the Rings", really, I even on the latest Givenchy perfume ads. It appeared in the mirror with makeup and hairdo improvise. As the first female, Sunday (05/12/2010) has cited miraculously in a campaign like Givenchy Very Irresistible goat said he wanted the opportunity to look at, seem really natural.

"There is something to experience raw. I'm not afraid to expose himself and me as a woman in those days, very complicated, interesting and intense, " he said. In fact, during the filming of Liv hairstyle and make-up, but then Jean-Baptiste Mondino, photographer, who ultimately decided to take pictures of natural Liv, was the best. Armageddon movie stars and even then I agree with the election of Jean.

"I came in this morning because of angry" A little jet lag. My hair was wet and no makeup. After the proper clothing, Jean asked under the lights in an image displayed. Thumbnail talk about the smell of this country. Even when full-back hair and make-up is used not decided the previous picture, the picture was because we felt so strong, "said the Lib media.