Selasa, 09 November 2010

Missle Launch California

Missle Launch California. November 10, 2010 by WorldPost. Missle Launch California, Details are still in the dark at best about a missile-throwing incident yesterday afternoon in southern California. The incident was caught on camera . Missle Launch California Video: Less than 24 hours ago, KCBS News helicopter spotted a stunning contrail off the coast of California, near Los Angeles. From the helicopter, and to other observers, the contrail appeared to run vertically . Missile Launch California, Where Did mystery Missile Come From? Tuesday, 09 Nov 2010. Comments 0 Comments. Details still remain fuzzy at best surrounding a missile launching incident in southern California yesterday evening. .

LOS ANGELES -- Authorities are still at a loss to explain a mysterious "missle" launch seen about 35 miles off the coast of Southern California. . WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Tuesday it was trying to determine if a missile was launched Monday off the coast of Southern California and, if so, who might. Air Force test-launches missile from California Col. Steven Winters of the 30th Space Wing says in a statement that the launch operation was seamless. . Without warning, a missile just goes off in the sky over California? What makes a missile just let itself go like that? Some people are saying it's a jet. But I know better..

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