Rabu, 11 November 2009

A Payday Loan Company is your Best Ally when Almost All Lenders Turn You Down

In between paychecks, another unexpected expense is the last thing that anyone would need. Most people are caught off guard during such circumstances and some could even wind up into numerous debts with high interest rates just to cover for these expenses. Fortunately, there are now numerous payday loan companies on the Internet that could easily provide loans.

Payday Loan Companies, Who are They?

The cash loan services that are being offered by online lenders could be anywhere from $100-$500. There are even some who could provide a payday loan up to a thousand dollars in amount. It is best to check for the laws on your state, though, before you consider applying for a $1,000 payday loan. For a first-time borrower, the loan amount that is provided by the payday loan company could be small. But the amount could dramatically increase for subsequent payday loan applications. Most of the lenders for this type of loan do not require credit checks and lengthy paperwork. This is quite advantageous for people who currently have bad credit records.

A payday loan company also requires that the applicant must be a citizen of the United States; at least 18 years old; has an active savings or checking account (open for at least 90 days and no record of bounced checks); has a minimum salary of $1,000 each month; must be employed; or has an $800 fixed income deposits each month. These lenders may not offer cash advance payday loansto people who have existing cash loans with other lenders.

The approval for a loan application usually just takes a few hours up to a day. Once the lending company sees that you are eligible to apply for the loan, the money would be instantly deposited into the savings or checking account that you have provided. Usually, the repayment for payday loans could take from 2-4 weeks (depending on the scheme that the borrower chooses and the lender agreed on). The repayment amount is the loan amount plus interest and processing fee. The payday loan company has the option to get your payment from electronic withdrawals (from any of your bank accounts) or to demand for a postdated check with the repayment amount already written on the check.

Different lending companies offer a different lending plan, that is why it is always best to scout for the best offers online before deciding to settle for any one option.

One other information that you could ask your lender is whether they would be willing to extend your loan if you don’t get to pay it on time. At a certain fee, a online cash advance

should be able to process your loan extension. Others require that you pay off the loan a few days after the due date plus an additional fee. Whichever option you take, you will always have the leverage as you get to dictate when you get to pay the loan.

An online payday loan company is the best place to go to during your most dire financial situations. Loan applications need not be taxing and time consuming. After all, emergency needs have to be met when you actually need to deal with them and not when the financial institution is ready to release the funds!

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