Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008

BALI-Asian Beach game

Denpasar, Denpasar Mayor A.A Ngurah Puspayoga in order to make Asian Beach Game successful was ready to help the great activity coastal sport that was first for this Asian Level. This matter was sent when receiving the Committee of Asian Beach Game IB. Antara was accompanied by the consultant from Philippino Ramos Suzara, on Thursday (10/1) in his office.
Denpasar Mayor really welcomed good was carried out event this everything was chosen by him Sanur and the Attack as the place of the match. “Saya welcomed this activity on the occasion of to promote Bali especially Sanur and the Attack to the outside world with with beauty of his coast and this has entered the program Sightseeing the Denpasar City “ he said. In this opportunity of Puspayoga that was accompanied by the Assistant Ii Ketut Wisada,Kadis PU Ketut Winarta, Kadis Town Planning of A.A Nindia Putra and Kasubdin the cleanliness of DKP A.A Putra was at once ordered immediately to coordinate with the committee's side also DKP will from now on monitor the cleanliness in the locations of the match that will be held. IB. Antara that also as Manager Oparasional explained Balinese Kembali was believed

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